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Why we uses Avocado oil in Base massage Oil ?

"Most people think about where and when they get a massage, but not many people think about massage oil "

To obtain the maximum benefits from a massage, the most suitable oil should be chosen for that purpose.

for the Deep tissue massage technique, need specific oil to reduce friction between the hands and skin, easily absorbed, nourishing and moisturizing, warm up effect for the skin as well.

Base: Avocado, Grapeseed, Almon

Esential Oil: Rosmarin, Lemonglass, Orange

avocado oil increasing the skin’s elasticity quite a bit! The natural steroid found in avocado oil is called sterolin, and it helps to trigger collagen production in your skin. That’s an

awesome benefit, as collagen is essential in connective tissue

and to keep your skin from premature aging.

Grapeseed oil: Another popular oil is grape seed. It is easily absorbed by the skin but does not leave a “greasy” feeling after application. It is not as common as sweet almond and is usually a bit more expensive.

Other things to consider about Massage oil use are its cost and side effects.

so make sure that you know the type massage oil, then no Allergy ingredient on that massage product.

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