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Improved circulation

  • Improved energy flow throughout the body allowing balance

  • A deeper connection with your body

  • Stress relief

  • Relaxation

What is Traditional Thai Massage?

Thai Massage takes the concept of energy lines within the human body called Sen. They are invisible energy pathways similar to Nadi channels in Yoga and acupuncture meridians. There are 72000 Sen in this system of the acupuncture meridians, but in practice 10 main ones are being used.


ROYAL THAI MASSAGE was used in the Royal Palace. It is a Thai healing art and, in the past, was used only with the king and his relatives. The masseur or masseuse uses strong finger tips to apply deep pressure along key energy lines. Some may find this a bit intense but it provides the most therapeutic benefit to treat muscle tension and is very relaxing afterwards.

THAI FOLK MASSAGE has been used between Thai people for a thousand years. Hands, palms, elbows, knees and feet are used with bending and stretching in yoga postures.

At Anatta Spa we combine the best of royal Thai massage and Thai folk massage in our traditional Thai massage session.

For the complete Thai massage experience, please request a 2 hour session, combining traditional Thai massage and Thai foot reflexology.

What do I wear during a Traditional Thai Massage? A loose-fitting top and pants. All recipients are fully clothed

Traditional Thai Massage Services:please contact

More information about Anatta Spa, Massage menu click here

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