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Unesco heritage: Traditional Thai massage added to 'cultural heritage' list

Nuad Thai is now part of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, which features traditions and practices passed across the generations.

By being part of the list, Thai massage has been recognized as something to be preserved for future generations.(Link here)

Unesco is the United Nations' agency for education, culture, and science.

The intangible cultural heritage list is separate from the world heritage list, which recognises buildings and sites of prominence. There are 550 items on the cultural heritage list - split into three categories - from 127 countries

A masseuse applies pressure points to relieve headache pain

© Folk Medecine and Thai Health Network Association, 2017

Today, a therapist at Massage Studio or Thai spa can charge around 90-120Fr /Hour in Switzerland, We would like to say Congratulation to all therapist who practicing and performing a very good Thai massage.

Therapists use not only their hands but sometimes their forearms and knees to apply pressure. There is also no oil involved in Nuad Thai massage.

The benefit are not the only client but also for strengthen therapist too. there are so many things to be aware of, and practicing different movement, all these skill keep therapist more Power and moving Naturally.

Anatta Spa try to promote the Services of Traditional Thai Massage in our Spa for almost 3 years now , Thai Massage 60 Min cost 90 fr

About to keep standard quality of Massage we must repeat and apply training all times. we Correct Thai therapist to performing Massage, and apply the technique we also apply herbal hot compresses to reduce inflammation.

2 Type for Hot compression

  • Traditional Herbal Compression Steam (Thai herb)

  • Continuing Steam with Alpen Kraütern

Thai Massage + Hot compression cost 115 fr/Hour

`` demanding `` are increasing so we prepare training office in the address Marktgasse3, in Stadt Biel , and the therapist work only 2-3 day/ week. there fore, to continue training and practicing our Team, keep all therapist good performing and be a Professional.

for more information


Nopparat Gianfreda

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